Module 6 – Sacred Living Practices & Health Rituals

For A Busy Life


Welcome to Module 6! 
In this module we will dive deep into how to make the mundane more magical, using Sacred Living Practices & Health Rituals For A Busy Life. Taking everything you have learned so far about Medical Intuition and how it applies to you, we now learn to integrate it into every aspect of life.
It’s time to create a truly sacred and intentional daily life, infused with Medical Intuition and magic. Instead of loading you up with more to add to your busy day, it is important to find ways to integrate this ancient body wisdom into what you are already doing. So you can supercharge your daily activities and tasks and make your day more streamlined and efficient, while walking the intuitive path.
Here’s how to get the most out of this module:
  1. Watch the Module 6 Masterclass twice.
  2. Complete this module’s Soul Food tasks:
    1. Complete the activity in this module’s Masterclass and try out your new sacred ritual.
    2. Bring ritual into your everyday activities. Make the mundane more magical! Choose 5 rituals from the list and try them out for one week. Journal on the following questions:
      1. Which rituals do you love and will continue to use?
      2. Which rituals did you find difficult? Why?
      3. What tweaks will you make? What new rituals will you try next week?
    3. Commit to practicing the Quick Chakra Activation & Expansion Meditation at least once each day.
    4. Commit to practicing the Signature Chakra Cleanse Meditation at least four times each week – or once each day, if you can.
    5. Be sure to journal on anything that arises in your meditations.