Module 3 – How The Body Really Works:

A Medical-Intuitive-Eye-View


Welcome to Module 3! It’s time to have a good look at the human body and how it REALLY works – from a Medical-Intuitive-Eye view. I’ll be letting you into MY view of the body, and what I’ve learned to be true about health as well as what I’ve learned to be untrue. This is brand new information!
Here’s how to get the most out of this module:
  1. Watch the Module 3 Masterclass video twice.
  2. Download the module notes.
  3. Complete this module’s Soul Food tasks:
    1. Practice the guided visualisation Deep Inside The Human Body Meditation, below. And journal on anything that comes up for you within this visualisation.
    2. Set aside some time to honour your body as an act of self-care, once it has had time to communicate its needs to you in the stillness and presence of the guided visualisation.
    3. Continue to practice at least 10 minutes a day of mindfulness meditation. Be sure to journal how you find it, and any particular thoughts that keep pulling for your attention.
If you haven’t done so already, check out the BONUSES section. In it, you will find some fantastic resources, including the Medical Intuition Matrix – a step by step approach to being your own Medical Intuitive. The perfect tool to support you when symptoms, illness, injury or discomfort arise.

Medical Intuition Masterclass 3

Deep Inside The Human Body Meditation

A guided visualization journey deep inside your own physiology, following the path of the blood as it pulsates in a constant cycle of renewing life. This is a 22-minute guided meditation journey designed to marvel at the incredible design of the human body.

Make sure you take the time to journal on what comes up for you in this meditation after you have completed it. You may also like to set aside time to honour your body in some way as an act of self-care, once it has communicated its needs to you within the stillness and presence. 

You may wish to return to this meditation whenever you feel called to reconnect with your body.