Module 4 – The Metaphysical Body & How To Thrive


Daily Chakra Work – How to create & maintain a thriving metaphysical body

Why is it so important to do daily chakra work? Watch this video to find out why it needs to be a part of every day for every one of us.

Chakra Meditations

Here are my two personal daily chakra meditations that I commit to doing every single day. These meditations are my non-negotiable devotional practices that maintain and improve my physical and metaphysical health. 

I invite you to begin by practising the Quick Chakra Activation & Expansion Meditation at least once each day and commit to practising the longer Chakra Cleanse Meditation at least twice a week, building up to daily practise.

Make sure you take the time to journal anything that comes up for you in these Chakra Meditations each day. You may be surprised by what you learn about yourself!

The Quick Chakra Activation & Expansion Meditation is a powerful activator for our psychic and intuitive connection. I recommend practising this meditation each morning. It’s also important to practice this meditation prior to any intuitive work, to exponentially enhance your connection to your intuitive guidance and to activate and reset your energy body. This is an 11-minute guided meditation, which can be performed in sitting prior to your intuitive work, or laying in bed before you rise for the day.

My signature Chakra Cleanse Meditation is a daily therapeutic treatment for our metaphysical and physical anatomy. With practice, this meditation teaches us what our own energy body feels and looks like, highlighting what isn’t ours or what is blocking or draining our vibrational flow and attaching to our physical anatomy. A deep releasing and cleansing process that results in a peaceful mind and a radiant body – inside and out. This is also a deeply nourishing way to reset yourself after a challenging day. This 33-minute guided meditation may be performed in either sitting (to raise consciousness) or laying on your back (to lower consciousness).