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Here you’ll find a list of helpful links – about what I do, about Medical Intuition – and some great freebies AND delicious recipes!!

Medical Intuition In Action

Come and experience Medical Intuition in action in a FREE live demonstration – and get the chance to work with Emma for free on the call.

Next live event:

Australia — Tuesday 13th Feb at 9am Perth, 11am Brisbane, 12pm Sydney/Melbourne
USA — Monday 12th Feb at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific
UK — Tuesday 13th Feb at  1am UK/Ireland

Medical Intuition Practitioner Training

It’s time for a global shift in the medical industry, one that embraces spiritual health as much as physical health.
And it’s time for you to be at the forefront of it.

Emma Turton teaching medical intuition practitioners

Feeling Freedom Workshop

Break free from the grip of big feelings, fears & emotional triggers.

Experiential workshop with Emma Turton.

Register for just $22

Your Body Has Your Back

Get the first three chapters of my book for free!

Read my blog

About being a medical intuitive, listening to your body, and good things to eat.

What is Medical Intuition School?

Pioneering the space where science meets spirituality – where medicine meets metaphysics.

Work with me

It’s time to radically uplevel your health and life

Join my Inner Circle

Want to be a part of deeper discussions around Medical Intuition (and be first to hear about my exclusive offers)?

Medical Intuition Courses

Whether you want to heal your body, become a practitioner yourself, or just find the whole thing fascinating, you can find out more here

The RESET Protocol Immersion

Reset your health & supercharge your intuition with food
8-week immersion

Watch me live on FB

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Activate Your Inner Healer

Heal from within &
decode your body with Medical Intuition


Got a question about Emma,
or Medical Intuition,
or how to work with her?

My Daily Bread

Chunky Nut & Seed Bread Recipe
If you are interested in radically upgrading your physical health and supporting and nourishing your soul at the same time, then make this your daily bread.

What to do
when you’re craving dessert

Grab this free ebook and finally find out how to rid yourself of those sweet cravings!