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Want to learn from someone who has created a multi-6-figure business doing her soul work in the world, without selling her soul or doing business the traditional way?

Get your mindset on board with your dream business, build a sustainable income without the burnout, and learn business strategies that support your intuition, so you can get down to the business of changing lives.

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Expansion Mastermind
Business Expansion Mastermind

Build the business YOU want to build that allows you to thrive in all the ways.

Create more money on your terms and get clients flowing in, while doing less work. Build a foundation that easily and effortlessly talks to your people and calls in the right clients. Increase your income so money is abundant. Create a rock-solid mindset for business and become irresistible to the people who need you

Receive 1-to-1 support, business strategy, mindset, energy work, and a whole community of change-makers who’ve got your back, to help you build the soul-driven business of your dreams – on your terms.

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EnergEthics class
Professional Development Class

Ethical practice in energy medicine and intuitive reading.

Explore the do’s and don’ts of ethical practice in energy and intuitive work, specifically around our energetic interactions with others. Learn the truth about protection, psychic attack, energetic boundaries, how to detect leaks in your energy field and how to practice using your intuition ethically. Learn how to honour your own and other people’s metaphysical boundaries and maintain safety in your work. 

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Ethics Codes
Professional Development Class

Craft your own unique code of ethics so you can walk your talk in your spiritual business.

Energetic, healing and intuitive reading modalities are largely unregulated, so it’s up to each of us to take personal responsibility to determine our own code of ethics to guide and govern our practice. In this workshop I’ll show you how. Includes workbook, guided meditation to download your personal Ethics Codes from Source, and sample codes of ethics to help you craft your own.

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Whether you’re interested in Medical Intuition in order to heal your body, just find the whole topic fascinating and want to know more, or have a deep yearning to walk the path of professional Medical Intuition Practitioner – you’re in the right place


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