Module 5 – Effortless Intuitive Eating For A

Glowing Body Inside & Out


Welcome to Module 5! In this module we will find out all about Effortless Intuitive Eating For A Glowing Body – Inside & Out. Although it may take a little effort to create your ideal way of eating to begin with, this sets you up for an effortless way to maintain glowing health – completely tailored to your individual needs. And it has the added bonus of supercharging your intuition!
Here’s how to get the most out of this module:
  1. Watch the Module 5 Masterclass video twice.
  2. Download the pdf guide to Mindful Eating, and put it into practice.
  3. Download the completely revised and updated 2nd edition of The RESET Protocol ebook. It now contains heaps of brand new recipes, sample menus, practices and strategies to help you reset your health and supercharge your intuition with food. It also now includes a detailed description of The Gentle RESET Protocol, for those who require a slower and gentler approach to my signature protocol.
    1. Decide if it would support your body and health to begin this protocol (if you haven’t already begun).
    2. If it’s a yes: start!
    3. Share your experiences in the facebook group.
  4. Complete this module’s Soul Food tasks:
    1. Start a Food/Mood/Poop Journal!
    2. Commit to practicing the Quick Chakra Activation & Expansion Meditation at least once each day.
    3. Commit to practicing the Signature Chakra Cleanse Meditation at least four times each week.
    4. Be sure to journal on anything that arises in your meditations.

Mindful Eating Practice

Practising mindful eating is the gateway to becoming an intuitive eater.

Becoming fully present with our food, as well as our eating habits, allows us to open up our pathways to intuitive guidance and connect to our bodies and food on a whole new level. When we choose to nourish ourselves from a place of intention and intuition, rather than a place of habit and unconscious compulsion, we allow ourselves the time, space and attention required to receive our intuitive guidance.

Download this handy PDF guide and start practising Mindful Eating today.

Remember: every new mouthful is a new beginning and a chance to connect more deeply with our intuition.

The RESET Protocol:

How to reset your health and supercharge your intuition with food

This is the completely updated and revised handbook to my signature cleanse, The RESET Protocol.

This is the ultimate guide to resetting your health and boosting your intuition by clearing up the inflammatory background noise in your body. Including all information, food lists, sample menus, meal plans and recipes that you will need to dive in deep to this nourishing and supportive protocol.