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The RESET Protocol:

How to reset your health and supercharge your intuition with food

This is the completely updated and revised handbook to my signature cleanse, The RESET Protocol.

This is the ultimate guide to resetting your health and boosting your intuition by clearing up the inflammatory background noise in your body. Including all information, food lists, sample menus, meal plans and recipes that you will need to dive in deep to this nourishing and supportive protocol.

3 Steps To Become Your Own Medical Intuitive

In this video about becoming your own Medical Intuitive you will learn:
  • What Medical Intuition is and more about Emma’s journey to becoming a Medical Intuitive.
  • One simple and effective way to turn down the background noise to make our intuitive guidance clearer and easier to “hear”.
  • The 3 best ways to turn up the volume on our intuition so we can “hear” the messages coming through loud and clear.
  • How to listen to the body so it can become a reliable tool for life-changing intuitive guidance.
  • A bonus guided self-inquiry meditation to deeply listen to the body when it is speaking to us, offering a simple process to use to explore the meaning behind our pain, illness, injury, symptoms or discomfort.

The Medical Intuition Matrix

The human body is a channel for profound intuitive guidance.

If we allow our own body to communicate with us we have access to life-changing intuitive wisdom and guidance. 

This guidance is always being communicated, but we are not always listening.

And if we do hear or receive it, we don’t always understand what it means. Or what to do next. When we learn how to receive this information from deep within us it can radically change our life and health for the better. We are not simply sitting with symptoms. We are opening up to hear the whispers of our soul.

The Medical Intuition Matrix is a framework that I have developed over many years of working with my own body as a channel for intuitive guidance. In addition to working with many hundreds of clients as a Medical Intuitive.

The Medical Intuition Matrix is a step-by-step approach to being your own Medical Intuitive.

This is my method for embracing and exploring physical and emotional issues as they arise in our body and life. A completely different process to that used when doing a Medical Intuition reading or session with another person, the Medical Intuition Matrix is specifically designed for self-exploration and enquiry.

Often seen as the more difficult task, interpreting Medical Intuitive information from our own body and symptoms can be tricky without a structure to follow. There are many books that tell us that this means that when it comes to Medical Intuition.

But I firmly believe that we are our own best Medical Intuitive, if we can learn the structure to work through when something arises.

This is what the Medical Intuition Matrix was created for.

Download this handy step-by-step guide and start deciphering your physical and emotional issues today.

The Medical Intuition Matrix – An Introduction

Medical Intuition Matrix – Guided Practice

Addiction vs Intuition With Tamala Ridge

A highly practical and in-depth exploration of addiction with Addiction Specialist & Spiritual Companioning Mentor, Tamala Ridge. 
Addictions include alcohol, drugs, procrasti-scrolling, flexing the credit card, sex, buying or signing up for courses and training, food, fighting with your partner, wine, online shopping, social media, procrastination, exercise avoidance, drama, Netflix, overwhelm, ice cream, stress, chocolate etc. The physiology, processes, tools and path to recovery are the same, regardless of the specific addiction.
In this BONUS Guest Speaker Class you will discover:
  • How to identify your own addictions
  • What feeling you’re reaching for with your addictive behaviours
  • What you’re REALLY addicted to
  • The physiology and biochemistry behind the addiction cycle
  • 3 practical steps to change the addiction cycle
  • How to change our addiction-related biochemistry to get the high that doesn’t have a come-down
  • How to use EFT Tapping to support you to break through the addiction cycle
  • Tamala’s addiction Spiral of Ascension
  • The gentle and compassionate path to addiction recovery, without falling off the wagon
  • The significance of relapse and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to support someone who doesn’t see that their addictive behaviour is a problem
  • How to identify the triggers that lead to your addictive behaviour so you can cut it off at the pass
  • How trauma contributes to our addiction cycle
  • Why the medical model and the AA model of addiction can be disempowering
  • How addiction is not a disease, but a disconnection from our soul
  • How to recognise the difference between addictive eating vs intuitive eating
  • The true benefit of rehab and its place in addiction recovery
  • The medical approach to addiction and what we ultimately need to truly heal
  • The difference between hitting rock bottom and reaching an epiphany
  • When rescuing and supporting a loved one turns into enabling their addiction
  • How to support our loved one through their addiction recovery whilst remaining safe
  • How trauma is a disconnection that leads to negative beliefs that form an addiction
  • The influence of nature vs nurture, genetics and epigenetics on addictive behaviour
  • How to reverse the physiological changes that happen when we feed our addiction
  • How to support others with their addiction journey energetically by supporting ourselves
  • What’s more important than finding the root cause of an addiction, and what the true root cause of ALL addiction is.