Medical Intuition Courses

Medical Intuition Courses

Whether you’re interested in Medical Intuition in order to heal your body, just find the whole topic fascinating and want to know more, or have a deep yearning to walk the path of professional Medical Intuition Practitioner – you’re in the right place

Medical Intuition School offers classes and short courses for those who’d like to dip their toe into the world of Medical Intuition, as well as professional development classes for those working in the field of energy medicine and intuitive reading.

And if you’d like to really immerse yourself in all that Medical Intuition offers there are currently two options available for you:

– If you want to learn how to use Medical Intuition to support your body to heal, then Medical Intuition 1: Activate Your Inner Healer is for you.

– Or is your soul calling you to study professional Medical Intuition? There’s a deeply supportive professional training pathway so you can become a fully qualified Medical Intuitive. It’s at the bottom of this page, so scroll down now to find out more.

Short Courses

The RESET Protocol
8-Week Self-Guided Immersion

Reset your health and supercharge your intuition with food

If you’ve been feeling heavy, sluggish, full of symptoms, disconnected from your intuition or body, or would just like to upgrade your physical and metaphysical health and supercharge your intuition, The RESET Protocol is for you.

It’s time to make friends with your body again.

WHEN: Instant lifetime access to the paid-member only Facebook group and content library


3-Day Deep Dive

Your complete guide to turn your empath sensitivity into a superpower.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in crowds, exhausted by toxic relationships and too sensitive to function – this LIVE online deep-dive is for you!

Uncover your Empath Archetype and learn how best to support your unique empathic self.

WHEN: Instant lifetime access to the paid-member only Facebook group and content library


Soul Codes
3-Week Sacred Learning
Access your compass to navigate change
If you’re feeling the need for deep soul connection to help you find your way right now, join me for SOUL CODES.
💚 Deepen into your body and soul
💙 Tap into your true values
💜 Journey to connect with your ancient self
3 instant-access classes with me, meditations, worksheets, pre-game rituals.

WHEN: Instant lifetime access to the paid-member-only Facebook group and content library 


EnergEthics class
Professional Development Class

Ethical practice in energy medicine and intuitive reading.

Explore the do’s and don’ts of ethical practice in energy and intuitive work, specifically around our energetic interactions with others. Learn the truth about protection, psychic attack, energetic boundaries, how to detect leaks in your energy field and how to practice using your intuition ethically. Learn how to honour your own and other people’s metaphysical boundaries and maintain safety in your work. 

WHEN: Instant access to the class recording


Metaphysical Medicine
5-Day Deep Dive

How your thoughts and beliefs create your physical health – and what to do about it.

This isn’t just information… it’s TRANSFORMATION.

Come on a deep-diving journey with me into your metaphysical body and gain simple tools to decode and reprogram your subconscious mind.

WHEN: Instant access to the content library


Ethics Codes
Professional Development Class

Craft your own unique code of ethics so you can walk your talk in your spiritual business.

Energetic, healing and intuitive reading modalities are largely unregulated, so it’s up to each of us to take personal responsibility to determine our own code of ethics to guide and govern our practice. In this workshop I’ll show you how. Includes workbook, guided meditation to download your personal Ethics Codes from Source, and sample codes of ethics to help you craft your own.

WHEN: Instant access to the workshop and content library


Medical Intuition Training

Medical Intuition 1
Activate your Inner Healer

Heal from within and change your life!

Learn how to decode your body using Medical Intuition as a guiding compass so you can free yourself from the health system for good.

This immersion is a comprehensive and highly practical experience of using Medical Intuition in your own life.


WHEN: The next round of ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER LIVE lands in May, 2023.

Access the foundational content as soon as you enrol, then dive deeper down the rabbit hole LIVE with Emma over 9 soul-shaking weeks together when the next live round begins.

Medical Intuition 2
Medical Intuition Practitioner Training

Become a qualified Medical Intuition Practitioner in this world-class, IICT Approved, online, professional training course.

With live small-group practice classes supervised by an in-demand practicing Medical Intuitive you’ll gain the confidence you need to launch your satisfying spiritual health business and start supporting clients using Medical Intuition.

Covering everything you need to know, from physical and metaphysical anatomy, physiology and pathology and how to intuitively read your clients, to intuition mastery, coaching and spiritual business strategy.

WHEN: Next course commences 7th of August 2023.


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