Module 2 – Soul Embodiment, Grounding & Intuition


Welcome to Module 2! In this module, we’ll be diving deep into Soul-Embodiment, Grounding and Intuition. Here’s how to get the most out of this module:
    1. Watch the Module 2 Masterclass video twice.
    2. Download and print the Intuition vs Fear poster, and start to get really familiar with the differences between these two powerful forces that reside within you. Put it up somewhere you will see it regularly.
    3. Complete the Soul Food tasks:
      1. Complete the two practices you’ll be guided through within the masterclass.
      2. Post in the Facebook group declaring and owning your dominant clair. Also post in the group if you are unsure about your dominant clair after completing the masterclass.
      3. Practice at least 10 minutes of Mindfulness Meditation each day, and make a note in your journal whether you found it hard or easy each day, and any thoughts that kept pulling for your attention.
There are 3 meditations to choose from, all recordings are available for you below.
The first is the 14-minute Mindfulness Meditation. This is the cornerstone practice I recommend for daily grounding.
The second is a Mindful Body Scan Meditation, which is 35 minutes. This is a more thorough experience of mindfulness and grounding, for those times when you want to go a bit deeper into the practice.
The third meditation in Module 2 is the Sitting With Discomfort Meditation. This meditation is perfect for those times when regular mindfulness practice is made difficult due to physical pain, discomfort, overwhelm or emotional upset.  We can still find peace in presence, even in a state of discomfort.
If you would like to extend your learning in this module I recommend the following optional texts:
  1. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle
  2. Light Is The New Black, by Rebecca Campbell

Intuition vs Fear Poster

Do you struggle to know the difference between your intuition and your fear? Here is a simple table to help you get to know the difference between intuition and fear when each of them appears.

The Science Of Grounding

In this video about the Science Of Grounding you will learn:
  • The difference between grounding and earthing.
  • The science behind the practices of grounding and earthing, and why it’s vital for our health.
  • About the life-changing and measureable effect of grounding on inflammation within the body.
  • All about the symbiotic relationship we have with the Earth and why grounding practices are so important for the future of our planet.

Mindfulness Meditation

A gentle grounding meditation that guides you into your body and into the present moment. This meditation is a daily practice that teaches our autonomic nervous system how to remain grounded, regardless of our external circumstances.

This guided mindfulness meditation is 14 minutes in duration.

Make sure you take the time to note down in your journal each day if you take the time to do this meditation practice, how hard or easy you find it each day, and any thoughts that may have pulled for your attention during the practice.

I recommend that this becomes a cornerstone daily grounding practice.

Mindful Body Scan Meditation

A guided mindfulness visualisation that takes you into your whole physical body, to be present with what comes up as you focus your awareness in each part of your body. This is a great mindfulness meditation to do at the end of the day, or when you are feeling particularly stressed or ungrounded. It is also a beautiful gentle way to open the lines of communication with your physical body. This meditation is best performed laying on your back in bed, on the floor or a mat, and covered in a blanket for warmth if it’s cold.

This meditation is 35 minutes in duration.

Make sure you take a moment to note down in your journal when you do this meditation. Make note also if you found it hard to stay focused, or if you found it easy (each time may be different). Make a note of where your thoughts are being pulled and which parts of your body you found hardest to stay focused on. Also note any discomfort or noteworthy physical symptoms that you notice throughout your body scan.

Sitting With Discomfort Meditation

A gentle mindfulness meditation for sitting with discomfort. If you are feeling physical pain, emotional upset, overwhelm or another kind of discomfort that is making it more difficult to sit in mindfulness practice, then this is the meditation to do to keep you grounded and embodied.

In this 16-minute guided meditation, you will deepen into presence, find the anchor points in your breath, sensations and contact points in your body, then sit openly holding your discomfort without judgement whilst staying embodied in a state of presence.

Make sure you take the time to journal on what comes up for you after you have completed this meditation. 

You may wish to return to this meditation whenever you feel discomfort in your body.