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Pioneering the space where science meets spirituality – where medicine meets metaphysics.

Medical Intuition is the study of the human body and soul, as they relate to each other. It is a deep exploration of our life, health, relationships, beliefs, fears and choices. It is the art of learning to see and utilize the body as a tool for intuitive guidance. To view our health as a catalyst for awakening.

We are not as simple as a diet, a medication or a diagnosis.

We are not the helpless victims of our circumstance.

We are not merely the sum of our physical parts.

We are so much more intricately designed and constructed than that.

We are beautiful and complex, both physical and metaphysical beings. To focus only on one part of us is to do us a grave disservice and to miss the whole magnificent picture.

If you are ready to uncover your bigger picture – the reasons why you are here – and to connect deeply with the innate intuitive guidance that is your birthright, then you have come to the right place.


Medical Intuition School™ is currently accepting enrolment applications for:

Activate Your Inner Healer

Decode your body, activate your inner healer and write a new story… in 3 months.

Learn to trust your own intuitive knowing while you discover a new framework for your health and spirituality. Reduce, reverse and even eliminate physical symptoms, so that you feel great in your skin and go from energy overwhelm to energy overflow. Feel lit up, supported and confident to reach your big life goals, supported by a rock-solid daily practice that doesn’t slip – even on those tough days.

Learn how to use Medical Intuition as a compass for your own life and activate your own innate intuitive abilities in this deeply supportive 12-week immersion. A combination of deep-diving curriculum with powerful 1:1 Medical Intuition Guidance Consultations, live Sacred Medicine Circles and live online calls. This immersion is the ultimate support to teach you how to heal from within using Medical Intuition as your guide.

This 12-week immersion is for you if:

  • You have health issues you’d like to resolve
  • You are interested in putting Medical Intuition into practice in your own life OR
  • You feel called to walk the path of a professional Medical Intuitive and continue your studies with Medical Intuition Practitioner Training – this course is a prerequisite for Medical Intuition Practitioner Training.


Medical Intuition Practitioner Training

A potent combination of soul-shaking online curriculum diving deep into every aspect of professional Medical Intuition, live online group practice classes supervised by an in-demand practising Medical Intuitive with 20+ years experience as a health professional, and private 1:1 Medical Intuitive Guidance Consults to support your learning journey. This ground-breaking international professional training course will take you from hidden intuitive to certified professional – in 8 months – with Medical Intuition School™.

Now accepting enrolments for the 2021 intake.

Imagine taking your spiritual health practice to new heights within the next year!




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I am Emma Turton – Medical Intuitive, Founder & Director of Medical Intuition School.

Educator. Scientist. Channel. Health Practitioner. Intuitive Guide. International Bestselling Author.


A rare combination of both health-science nerd and gifted intuitive, I sink my teeth into the place where medicine and metaphysics come together. A sought after intuitive guide, body-to-soul translator and educational speaker, I am changing the game around both health and spirituality. Teaching others how to use Medical Intuition as a compass for life, it is my mission to awaken the world to the true nature of our human body: that we are able to view and utilize our body as a tool for intuitive guidance, both for ourselves and in service to others.

I have a profound connection to my non-local intuition. A deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathogenesis and pathology from my scientific studies, my clinical experience and my channelled guidance. I have over 15 years of clinical experience as a Physiotherapist. Have worked for 8 years as an award-winning lecturer at Curtin University in the School of Physiotherapy, immersed in cutting-edge health research, teaching biomechanics, physics, mathematics, clinical skills, functional anatomy, cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and movement science. Also trained in functional nutrition, transformational coaching, intuitive guidance and meditation, I’ve developed a full body, mind and soul approach to life and health. 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. I am deeply grateful that you are here!



Emma Turton

Medical Intuitive

Founder & Director of Medical Intuition School

BSc (physiotherapy) APAM | CTNC Functional Nutritionist

Certified Meditation Teacher | Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

Certified Intuitive Guide